Fine Art

One of my newest passions for fine art is the western theme. My father is the inspiration for these paintings. He grew up as a cowboy and rancher and was a forestry ranger in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the early sixties. He was later a rancher in Northern B.C. before moving to the Kootenays. Many of the images in my newest works are from his earlier life experiences. Many of the items in the pictures, such as the saddle blankets, hat, saddle, boots, and guns have all been tucked away in his closet for many years.


These paintings are done with acrylic on wood panels that I build from scratch. The boards are 48"x 36"x 2" deep. They are are clearcoated and very durable. A combination of brush, airbrush, spraygun, sponging, smearing and scraping was used to create them.


As you can see not all of my paintings are western themed. I enjoy painting any image that invokes a strong emotion or feeling of atmosphere. Sometimes that is achieved with the subject matter...the composition...or at times simply by the palette of colors used.


Once were Millions Goat River

Days Past

Black Bear

Rebel's Saddle

Mid Day Break


The Pilgrimage

Wagon Wheel


A Long Journey

Power and Grace

Mechanics of Spontanious Thought